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Trip report 5th of April 09
« on: April 19, 2010, 08:48:15 PM »
Trip report 5th of April 09

Well we visited the park today and after a slight unusual entrance to the park we had an excellent day..
The weather was amazing very sunny and quite warm..
Who went..
Chris stayed at home with a sore throat..
We met up with Wildmousabout (Nick) and his nephew
Gordon (ClubPB)
Jayne (Madonna) & her daughter
Alanb & his sister
Ash 1 (The Guide)
Ash 2 (The Guide)
JohnP (The Guide)

We fancied cooling off in the Rivercaves..

First stop off at the RC..

Its on EBay next week..

The parks created a new ride from the old caterpiller ride..

The T-cup ride..

Zipper Dipper..

The Fountain..

Revolution 30 yrs old this year...

We spotted Mrs ILW enjoying the Blackpool Sun..

We spotted Alanb & his Sister...

We did the horses..




Ash plays thumb wars with Brad..

Nick & ILW joins us..

Peter  (Pt 2 to follow..)