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May day at the Pleasure Beach 09
« on: April 19, 2010, 08:58:16 PM »
May day at the Pleasure Beach 09

Well I decided on a trip to the Pleasure Beach on my day off..
I arrived at a very quiet if not empty park at around 1045am..
It was a bit strange being on my own but the staff are very friendly and always like a good conversation.
I said hello to Stuart in security and made my way to the Superbowl dodgem ride that had a que of 2 people..
I felt a bit awkward driving around with me taking turns in either ramming the girl or her boyfriend... tehe they must of thought I was some nutter...
I made my way to the Grand National but it was sadly closed but it did open around lunchtime..

I decided on a ride on the Wild Mouse and spotted Ash E from the Guide..
We said hello before riding, I have to say it did feel a little tame not the normal mouse but it was still fun..

After a few pictures and a glass of coke I decided on visiting Infusion..
I havnt ridden this ride for what seems to be ages as the ques have always been so large..
I made my way down an empty concourse to an empty station only to be met by what seemed to be disinterested young  blonde ride op who didnt interact or smile as I scanned my wristband and as I said good morning she made a noise and when I turned round she had her index finger up her nose...
I was thinking about this for some reason..
I really enjoyed Infusion its Vekoma bite is great and I love this ride..
It was nice to be asked by a young lad at the end of the ride if it was ok..

After this I made my way to the PMBO that was running on half a train as the rest was sand bagged due to the park being so quiet but they made more seats available as the que stretched out of the station..
I took my seat in the middle of the train next to a random guy who told me that he suffers from panic attacks and was incontinent..
I really enjoyed the PMBO it was very quick and the bloke didnt wee all over me of which was a huge relief..

I decided on riding the Revolution next.. :)
As I climbed the stairs and arrived at an empty station I was told that the the rear seats were out of action by the ride ops..
I thought what a shame as I really wanted to ride the back seat but I noticed that the reason was that it  they hadn't put the small plastic seats in but as I was leaving they started to insert them..
I couldn't visit the Pleasure Beach without riding the Monorail and having a chat with the best ride op on the park..Thomas..  8)

I wanted to stay longer but I had other things to do..

Picture time..

Fountains of fun..!



Some sad act on his own..


The Nash was open..

It was such a dark day I decided on some black & white shots..


Ice Blast..

Thank you for reading..