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Pleasure Beach report 21/02/10
« on: April 27, 2010, 06:08:21 PM »
Pleasure Beach report 21/02/10

I would like to start of my report by dedicating it to every member of staff employed by the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, who came in early to clear snow and ice by hand so that the park could open today.. 
Also I have heard that different websites are announcing that the Pleasure Beach has had some kind of incident involving the Pepsi Max Big One.. 
Well like the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Experience this is a new one to us, I was there today and it wasn't mentioned at all and it was working very well indeed, and very fast..

Anyway here are my pictures from another excellent day at the Pleasure Beach Blackpool..
Most of the snow had defrosted by the time we arrived..

Louise will grab any Man with his shirt off.. ;)

Big Dipper..

I love this ride.. ;D

The Grand Prix..

PMBO running very well.. 8)

A mirror shot..

Bradley & Gordon with the new Photo cut out..

The Revolution..


Pictures Copyright to Live In Blackpool