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The Opening day at the BPB 13/02/2010
« on: April 27, 2010, 06:11:18 PM »
The Opening day at the BPB 13/02/2010

I have just returned home after having experienced the best opening day at the Pleasure Beach for over a decade..
It was superb everything was perfect and the park looked excellent, I had a lovely conversation with Mrs Amanda Thompson of which will stay private but I congratulated her on her superb work around the park as you will see in this report.

We arrived at the park slightly later at 11am as we wanted to avoid the rush, the Pleasure Beach was bathed in sunshine and as we entered the park through the security gates we were met by the lovely Sculptured Gardens.
I was a bit excited at the prospect of seeing these gardens and the images that I had seen on Facebook do NOT do it justice, I sincerely hope that mine do.. 8-)

The Pleasure Beach are selling healtyh food, and I was impressed with their range.
Dont get me wrong we love Pizza and hot dogs but prefer lovely jacket potatoes.. 

We made our way to the Big Dipper and was met by a stunning site as you will see in this report it looks brilliant and rides better than ever..
We decided to ride the back of the train as this is normally the roughest part of the train, we found it to be smooth as glass and the air time as your bum left the seat was amazing..

The Dodgems..
Well the asthetics and visuals of this ride is amazing..  8)
it looks so good as you will see in the images, I opted out of riding it though due to my shoulder healing after my car accident but Louise & the boys rode it and loved it.. 8)

Now my biggest surprise was the Ghost Train..   :o
It has changed inside.... 8-)  8-)   yes you heard me right it was kick ass scarey...!!
They have seriously spent a lot of money here on animitronics, they even have an exorcist girl with a turning head..!!
Brilliant we left the ride quite shocked its amazing...

The PMBO was silky smooth and running very well.. 8)

Staff training, its obvious that the staff have been trained to a high standard, the management of the rides are of an excellent professional standard.

Time for pictures and i will only comment if its something that needs to be explained..
I hope you like them..

The Big Dipper..

The Dodgems..

The PMBO..

Some nice lads in fancy dress were so funny..  ;D ;D

Infusion looked good today..

The Rollercoaster was open..

The Ghost train..

Mr BPB Brian..

The Fountains..

Crack open the champagne tonight Amanda, the park looks good..!

Pictures copyright to Live In Blackpool..


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Re: The Opening day at the BPB 13/02/2010
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A cracking report. Those Infusion pictures are nothing short of stunning 8)