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Boat History and Lives lost....
« on: May 02, 2010, 01:13:42 PM »
Morecambe Bay is well known to millions of people as a holiday destination with shallow seas and warm, sandy beaches for children to play on. But those who live and work the Bay often see a different side of it, a side that the day trippers never see. When the westerly gales howl in off the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay reveals its Jekyll and Hyde nature.
The first recorded instance of a Morecambe Bay shipwreck dates back as far as 1643 when an unidentified sailing vessel was wrecked near Fleetwood and was set on fire by Royalists after they had stripped her of everything of any value.
In the days of sail shipwrecks were a day to day occurrence on the Lancashire coast as the gales often left vessels, with not much room to manouvre, disabled and wrecked on the extensive banks and shoals that abound. Indeed, the most dangerous parts of any voyage must have been the leaving of, and the approach to, any coast. Morecambe Bay, with its fast flowing tides, hidden banks and cross currents, must have proved a very difficult place to be caught out in.
To make matters worse, light winds were often as much a hazard as gales. The gentle breeze made sailing vessels very difficult to handle in the fast flowing waters.
It is worth noting that, as steam began to make its presence felt, the number of wrecks fell, as illustrated in these lists. Steamers could manouvre no matter what the wind state.
Throughout the 19th. century there were several "Great Storms" in the area and as many as 30 vessels were lost on the same night. This is reflected where several vessels are listed under the same date.
I'm not really sure of the exact geographical boundaries of The Bay but it could be said to stretch from Barrow to Rossall Point. However, this list covers the area from Barrow to the Ribble and does not include the many, many vessels lost around Liverpool or the Isle on Man. Also, some of the ports that are referred to, although flourishing at the time, no longer exist as such. Poulton is one example.

This page covers the period from 1642 to 27/12/1852
Name    Date    Details
Unknown    1642    Wrecked near Fleetwood
Unknown    1660    Thought to be a "plague" ship, lost near Fluke Hall
Employment    Aug 1702    Stranded at Bispham, Red Bank
Mary & Betty    03/02/1740    Lost on the Lancashire Coast
Mayflower    22/09/1749    Sailing vessel inbound from Barbados capsized in the Lune. Several lives lost.
Young William    28/11/1755    Sailing vessel on passage between Malaga and Dublin, lost on the Lancashire Coast. All except 2 lost.
Samuel    25/11/1760    Struck a sandbar in Lancaster Bay and lost with six of her crew.
Eagle    17/09/1762    Inbound from Guadaloupe and was entering Lancaster when her crew abandoned her and she hit rocks and was lost.
Anna Maria    07/12/1766    Burned out in the Lune.
Traver    1775    Lost to collision? Rossall Point
Captain Totty    27/10/1775    Lost in a gale in Morecambe Bay after colliding with the sailing vessel "Charming Mary"
Unknown    27/10/1775    Drove ashore at Blackpool. All crew except 2 lost.
Ruby    10/10/1777    Inbound from Jamaica and lost on Walney Island.
Justita    04/11/1777    On a voyage from Sweden to Liverpool. Lost at Blackpool with the loss of 1 life.
Rebecca    19/07/1782    Sailing from Lancaster to the leeward Islands. Lost near Lancaster.
Good Intent    03/09/1782    Foundered whilst anchored off Preston Island.
Alexander    28/09/1790    Lost at Walney Island.
Orange Tree    28/01/1791    Lost at Lytham
Mary Ann    22/05/1792    Lost in Lancaster Bay on a voyage from Liverpool to Ulverston.
Susannah    01/11/1793    Lost off Lytham on a voyag between St Petersburgh and Liverpool
Barbara    14/10/1794    Lost at Lancaster.
Lord John Campbell    20/01/1797    Lost with all hands off the Lancashire Coast.
Happy    15/12/1797    Voyage from Oporto to Liverpool. Lost at Lytham.
Brothers    03/11/1799    Merchantman driven ashore at Blackpool during a storm.
Dolphin    06/02/1801    Stranded and lost at Blackpool
Nostra Senora De Carmen    27/03/1801    Voyage from Lisbon to Liverpool. Lost near Preston, 1 boy saved.
Tyson    17/04/1801    Voyage from Demerara to Lancaster. Driven ashore at Lytham
Unidentified    1802    Lost off Blackpool. 3 out of 18 saved.
Ann    04/10/1802    Dunfalk to Liverpool. Lost near Heysham.
Sally    17/01/1806    Maryport sailing vessel. Lost on Walney. Crew saved.
Fame    25/11/1806    Dublin to the Duddon Estaury. Lost on Walney.
Pomona    16/02/1808    Inbound to Liverpool from Whitehaven. Lost on The Red Noses.
Fletcher    08/10/1808    On voyage from Liverpool to Heligoland. Wrecked in a gale on The North Meols.
Vedra    26/10/1808    Malta to Liverpool. Driven ashore at Lytham.
Lavinia    12/12/1809    Inbound from New Jersey to Liverpool. Wrecked at Lytham.
Griffin    10/03/1810    From Cork to Liverpool. Wrecked near North Meols.
Three Brothers    03/04/1810    Outbound to Cadiz. Wrecked near the North Moles.
Mennie    04/06/1811    Inbound from Newry. Lost near Preston, one drowned.
Chesterfield    12/11/1811    On voyage from Jamaica to Liverpool. Lost at Ulverston.
Fletcher    18/11/1811    Miramichi to Liverpool. Lost at Southport. Nine drowned.
Avis    22/11/1811    Inbound to Liverpool from New Brunswick. Wrecked near Lytham.
Unidentified    1812    Lost off South Shore. Ship's cat the only survivor.
Unidentified    07/1812    Dutchman outbound from Barrow in Furness. Lost on Ulverston Sands. Pilot and one crew lost.
Thomas & Mary    05/01/1813    On voyage from Strangford to Liverpool. Lost at Southport.
Mary Hall    05/03/1813    On voyage from Waterford to Liverpool. Lost at Lytham.
William Leece    23/12/1814    Stranded near Blackpool
Friends    26/12/1814    Pernau to Liverpool. Lost near Blackpool
Sutton    04/09/1816    Outbound for Dublin from Liverpool. Lost 5m NW Southport.
Augustus    10/09/1816    Poole to Liverpool. Lost off Southport.
Shannon    28/11/1816    Inbound from Limerick to Liverpool. Lost on The Banks, Southport.
London    28/01/1817    Sloop, on voyage from London to Liverpool. Lost off Lytham.
Kingsmoor    02/1817    Liverpool to Pernambucu. Ashore in the Duddon Estuary.
Walton    12/12/1817    Inbound from Archangel to Liverpool. Lost on Walney
Corry    19/12/1817    From Newry to Liverpool. Lost near Southport. Eleven men drowned.
Alpha    30/12/1817    Outbound to Poole from Liverpool. Wrecked near Southport, 2 drowned.
New Liberty    28/01/1819    Ulverston to Liverpool, wrecked 2m SE of Fleetwood, at Pilling.
Freedom    02/04/1819    Dublin to Liverpool. Grounded at Southport.
Lady Bulkeley    24/01/1820    Sank at Southport. All crew drowned.
Unidentified (possibly William Bursledon or William Whalley)    23/10/1820    A sloop laden with wheat and oats., lost off Southport.
Unidentified (possibly Richardson)    06/12/1820    A brig, lost on The Banks off Southport.
Cresent    01/12/1821    Left Liverpool for the Clyde and was wrecked at Southport.
Isabella    02/12/1821    On voyage from New Orleans. Wrecked at Southport.
Friends    05/12/1821    Inbound from Waterford, lost in the Ribble.
Phoebe    02/02/1822    Inbound to Liverpool, Lost off The Banks.
Nelly & Jane    02/02/1822    Lost with Phoebe and several other vessels.
Catharine    11/09/1822    Drogheda to Liverpool. Lost in the Ribble. Master, 2 crew and 2 men who went to their assistance drowned.
Fame    15/11/1822    Liverpool to Sunderland. Driven ashore at Walney.
Unidentified    On voyage from Ireland.    Lost off Walney.
Lascelles    18/11/1822    Inbound from Maranham and driven ashore near Southport in a SW gale.
Ellen    31/12/1823    Carlisle to Liverpool. On rocks off Walney.
Unidentified    31/10/1823    80 ton vessel on the Duddon Sands.
Duncan    31/10/1823    Inbound to Duddon and lost in the Wyre. All drowned.
George    07/11/1823    Lost leaving Southport.
Jessie    13/12/1823    Outbound from Lancaster, wrecked at Blackpool.
Fanny    06/03/1824    Wooden sloop wrecked at Blackpool.
Unidentified    16/11/1824    Brig, lost off Lytham.
Orion    18/01/1825    On voyage from Liverpool to Cork. Driven onto Sand Banks, Rampside.
Aurora    01/02/1825    A 30 ton sloop sailing from Lancaster to Preston. Lost on Walney with the loss of her crew.
Auspicous    28/05/1825    Inbound to Lancaster from London. Lost in Morecambe Bay
Commerce    17/08/1825    Inbound to Preston and lost at the entrance to the Ribble.
Susan    06/11/1825    A brig sailing for Whitehaven. Lost with all crew on the western side of Walney.
Lady Endergally    10/02/1827    A sloop inbound for the Duddon. Lost with all her crew 6 miles from the Pile of Foudrey.
Brothers    07/03/1827    Wreckage washed ashore at Southport.
Commerce    23/03/1827    Sailing vessel carrying gunpowder. Caught fire and exploded in Foulney Island Harbour.
Nancy    13/12/1827    Sailing from Richebucto to Lancaster. Lost in the Lune.
William    16/12/1827    Driven ashore at Heysham point during a gale.
Friendship    04/01/1828    Inbound from Waterford to Liverpool. Lost at Blackpool with all crew.
Lord Oriel    27/01/1830    On voyage from Drogheda to Preston. Lost on the Ribble Banks.
Eliza Jean    11/11/1830    On voyage from Jersey to Liverpool. Lost on the Ribble Banks.
Commerce    04/02/1831    Inbound from St John to Liverpool. Lost on the Ribble Banks.
Unidentified    24/03/1831    Lost near Wyre Water.
Peru    20/09/1831    From Mobile to Liverpool. Stranded on the Ribble Banks.
Neptune    30/09/1831    Lost in the Lune with all hands.
Regalia    11/11/1831    Liverpool to Lisbon. Lost on the Outer Banks.
Howick    16/10/1832    Sailing between Newry and Glasgow. Lost on the Ribble Bank.
Happy Return    1833    Wrecked at Blackpool.
Braddyl    22/02/1833    Sailing from Whitby. Lost on the Lancashire Coast.
Alert    11/06/1833    Lost off Blackpool in a storm along with 12 other vessels on the coast.
Norge    12/06/1833    Outbound from Liverpool to Tonsberg. Lost with all crew off Heysham.
Susan    12/06/1833    A sloop carrying grain. Lost off Southport.
Industrie    13/06/1833    Liverpool to Rotterdam. Lost with one crewman off St Anne's.
Hope    13/06/1833    On voyage from Liverpool to Miramichi. Lost at South Shore.
Barbara    15/06/1833    Lost at Blackpool.
Unidentified    15/06/1833    Lost at Blackpool.
Martha    15/06/1833    Outbound to Lerwick from Liverpool. Lost off Blackpool.
Fly    17/06/1833    Lost on the Lancashire Coast.
Maria    18/06/1833    Sailing to Colchester from Liverpool. Lost on Foulney.
Barbara    15/06/1833    Outbound to Greenock from Liverpool. Lost near Preston.
Active    20/06/1833    Lost near Preston.
Alexandrina Louisa    19/09/1833    Inbound to Liverpool from the Baltic. Struck a wreck and sank near Lancaster.
Prince Leopold    28/09/1833    Inbound to Poulton from the Isle of Man. Lost on the Red Wharf.
Malvina    29/11/1833    Inbound to Liverpool from Cork. Lost near Southport in one of the worst storms of the century.
Acorn    29/11/1833    Outbound to Ballina from Liverpool. Lost on Ulverston Beach. Another victim of the great storm.
London Packet    29/11/1833    Yet another great storm loss. Wrecked on Ulverston Beach.
Jane    03/12/1833    Bound for Exeter. Lost at Southport.
Severn    28/12/1833    On voyage to Fort William from Lancaster. Wrecked near St Anne's Head.
Swift    24/10/1834    Inbound to Liverpool from Fort Rush. Lost near Southport.
Hetty Clifton    03/12/1834    Dundalk to Preston. Lost to the south of Blackpool.
Unidentified    08/12/1834    Foreign schooner lost at Poulton.
Dryades    14/01/1836    From Pentowin to Liverpool. Wrecked near Southport.
Collinogue    31/03/1836    Inbound to Preston from Creetown. Lost at the mouth of the Ribble.
Anna    19/07/1836    Flint to Ulverston. Lost near Blackpool.
Charlotte    08/12/1836    Sailing for Newry. Lost near Lytham.
Eliza    18/02/1837    Sailing between Dublin and Workington. Lost on the outer banks of the Ribble.
Unidentified    25/02/1837    A large vessel lost with all hands on Pilling Sands.
Cumberland    17/09/1837    Making to Lancaster from St. Petersburg. Lost at Piel Island near the NW Buoy.
Royal Oak    26/11/1837    Inbound to Liverpool from Carrickfergus. Lost at Blackpool.
Favourite    Jan. 1839    Bound for Genoa. Lost on Crusader Bank.
Crusader    08/01/1839    Liverpool to Bombay. Wrecked on Crusader Bank.
Alert    08/01/1839    Sailing for Sligo from Liverpool. Lost at Heysham.
Yeoman    09/01/1839    Lost in the Lune
Ann Paley    10/01/1839    Lost off Cleveleys on voyage to Lisbon.
Monkey    10/01/1839    Sailing for Gibraltar. Lost off Southport with 3 drowned.
Fame    13/01/1839    Lost at Blackpool.
Tiffin    20/01/1839    Lost at Walney after sailing from Whitehaven.
Whitehaven    20/01/1839    Lost on Moat Bank, Walney.
Tejor    20/12/1839    A Brigantine bound for Liverpool. Driven onto Walney in a gale.
Margaret Nilear    28/01/1840    Lost on Salthouse Bank.
Sovereign    09/03/1840    Lost at Ulverston.
Minerva    18/08/1840    Sailing to Fleetwood from Memel. Driven ashore at Southport in a gale.
Henriette    30/09/1840    Outbound from Liverpool to Reval. Stranded on Horse Bank, 2 drowned.
Isabella    03/01/1841    Lost on Horse Bank while making for Liverpool.
Earl of Selkirk    09/01/1841    Inbound to Preston from Whitehaven. Lost at Walney.
Malcolm    19/08/1841    A Sloop bound for Glasgow. Lost at Lytham Point.
Arcturus    24/12/1841    A Brig wrecked on Walney on voyage to Preston.
Lady Eleanor Rodgers    January 1843    A Smack wrecked on Walney.
Aristocrat    18/01/1843    A brig on voyage from Montreal to Liverpool. Wrecked at Blackpool Beach.
Earl of Glasgow    03/01/1852    A Smack on voyage to Mulroy. Wrecked on Walney.
Eagle    19/02/1852    A Flat which sank off Lytham after collision with Friend' Goodwill.
Sarah    02/06/1852    A Sloop lost in the Ribble in force 5 winds.
Clifton    01/10/1852    A Lifeboat on exercise. Capsized at Lytham with the loss of most of her crew.
Carolina    25/12/1852    Sailing between Liverpool and Havannah. Lost in force 11 at Southport.
Denison    25/12/1852    Fully rigged ship outbound for Antigua. Lost in a gale off Lytham.
Hope    27/12/1852    A Barque at anchor. Capsized at Canshe Hole in a hurricane.


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Re: Boat History and Lives lost....
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This page covers the period from 26/02/1853 to 20/03/1884
Name    Date    Details
Vigo    26/02/1853    A schooner lost in bad weather on Walney.
Coromandel    26/03/1853    A schooner lost on Salthouse Bank. Crew saved by the Lytham lifeboat
Success    06/04/1853    A schooner lost near Fleetwood in a force 9 gale.
Willy    09/04/1853    A flat sailing for Saltney lost at Rossall.
Eleanor    23/10/1853    A schooner sailing between Troon and Runcorn. Ashore on Bernards Wharf.
Margaret    04/02/1854    On voyage from Bangor to Maryport. Lost on Duddon Sands.
Isabella    03/10/1854    A smack inbound from Bridgewater to Preston. Lost on Horse Bank in force 9 winds.
Duke of York    11/12/1854    A Barque making for Madras from Greenock. Struck the North & South rocks at Walney. Some crew lost.
Doy    20/12/1854    A Barque making for Greenock. Lost on Walney.
British Token    24/11/1856    A Schooner lost on the Ribble Bank.
Thomas    01/09/1857    A Sloop wrecked off Blackpool
Splended    05/10/1857    A Schooner outbound from Ardrossan. Lost on Bernards Wharf.
Pride    02/11/1857    Schooner stranded at Blackpool.
Mineral    July 1858    A Schooner sung on The Banks.
Unidentified    1859    Schooner lost at Lytham
Elfin    08/02/1859    A schooner foundered near Walney Light.
Bay    15/02/1859    A Sloop lost near Haws Point in force 7 winds.
Pilgrim    December 1859    Inbound from Douglas. Lost off Blackpool.
Barbara    05/12/1859    A Sloop wrecked on Salthouse Bank.
Ann Mitchell    22/01/1860    On voyage from Belfast and stranded on Bernard's Wharf in force 10 winds.
Anna Dixon    23/01/1860    A schooner driven onto Bernard's Wharf.
Jane Roper    23/01/1860    Schooner wrecked on Shell Wharf.
Catherine    19/02/1860    Inbound to Fleetwood from Newry. The Schooner stranded on Bernard's Wharf.
Adelaide    26/07/1860    A Schooner lost off Walney Light.
Ada    12/10/1860    A Yacht stranded on Salthouse Bank.
Thermont    20/10/1860    A Barque. Lost her anchors in a WNW gale and stranded on Bernard's Wharf.
Vermont    20/10/1860    A Barque lost 3m off Fleetwood.
William Henry    1861    A Schooner lost at South Shore.
Lyra    13/02/1861    Paddle Steamer lost on Oyster Bank, Shell Rock.
Britannia    02/11/1861    Wooden Sloop lost near North Wharf in force 10 winds. ll crew lost.
Euxine    12/11/1861    A Brig stranded on Salthouse Bank in force 9 winds.
Robert    18/07/1862    Smack, lost with all hands 8m WNW of Fleetwood in a force 8 WSW gale.
Commodore    19/07/1862    A Brig on voyage between Falmouth and Trieste. Lost on Horse Bank.
Anne E. Hooper    20/10/1862    Fully rigged vessel stranded on Horse Bank.
Ceres    26/10/1862    Schooner lost on Salthouse Bank
Ada    07/11/1862    A Schooner lost near the Imperial Hotel
Princess Marie    jan 1863    Lost on Pilling Sands
Brazil    Jan 1863    A Barque lost on Salthouse Bank.
Milford    21/01/1863    A Brigantine lost in Morecambe Bay.
Rubin    21/02/1863    A Barque inbound from the Bay of Fundy, lost on Salthouse Bank.
Waterwitch    Nov 1863    A fishing vessel lost on Crusader Bank
Pioneer    29/10/1863    A Smack wrecked on Bernard's Wharf.
Lillies    Nov. 1863    A Smack wrecked south of Bernard's Wharf.
Lemnos    Nov.1863    A Brig lost near North Pier.
No Name    13/11/1863    A ferry lost in the Wyre.
John    04/12/1863    A Sloop driven onto Crusader Bank in force 11 winds.
Dorka    1864    A Brig inbound to Lancaster. Lost in the River Lune.
St. Michael    Sept 1864    A Brig lost on Horse Bank.
Content    28/11/1864    A Brigantine lost in the River Ribble.
Betsy    05/01/1865    Lost on the west side of Bernard's Wharf.
Bethea    10/03/1865    A Brig sailing for Cardiff. Stranded and lost on 2 Fathom Bank in force 8 winds.
Glenkins    08/09/1865    A Schooner lost on Walney in force 9 winds.
Favourite    22/11/1865    A Brig stranded and lost of Blackpool pier in force 10 winds. All hands lost.
Prudhoe    January 1866    A Barque lost on the Lancashire coast.
Brother    10/11/1866    A Schooner lost on the SE point of Walney in force 9 winds.
Richard    27/12/1866    A Schooner wrecked on Trunkhill Bank.
Susan L Campbell    11/04/1867    Stranded on Salthouse Bank.
Clyde    11/04/1867    A Schooner stranded near Blackpool in WNW gale.
Mary Anne    27/10/1867    A Brig lost on Duddon Spit in a force 10 SW gale.
Coniston    20/07/1868    A steamship, sunk off Southport after a boiler explosion.
Theodoris    30/10/1868    A Schooner stranded on Salthouse Bank.
Charles Brunel    January 1869    A Barque lost near North Wharf.
Sprightly    22/04/1870    A Sloop lost on Crusader Bank in heavy seas.
Active    July 1870    A fishing vessel wrecked on Crusader Bank.
Alice    16/10/1870    A schooner on voyage from Millom to the Mersey. Stranded on Walney.
Emily    22/07/1871    A Sloop racing from Preston. Lost in the Ribble Estuary.
Unidentified    04/04/1872    A Schooner lost on Salthouse Bank.
Emma    05/12/1872    A Brigantine sailing between Whitehaven and Ramsey. Lost near Southport in force 9 SSW winds.
Leran    20/10/1873    Wrecked near Blackpool in a NW gale.
Eskham    13/02/1874    Outbound from Liverpool. Lost 2m west of Fleetwood in a force 7 SSW gale.
Adgillus    21/10/1874    A Barque foundered 18m NW Morecambe Bay lightship in a force 10 westerly gale.
Annie Reed    1875    Lost on Shell Bank.
W. K. Chapman    28/09/1875    Stranded at Rossall Point.
Jane    05/05/1877    Steamship, foundered in the Ribble in force 5 winds after burning out.
Pembrokeshire Lass    28/05/1877    A Brig inbound for Liverpool. Stranded on Ted's Bank in a force 6 SW wind.
Mary Ann    14/10/1877    A Barque inbound to Glasson from Miramichi. Lost on Sunderland Shoulder.
Angier H. Curtis    12/11/1877    A Brig on voyage between Wiscasset and Barrow. Lost on Walney.
Zion Hill    07/12/1877    A Schooner inbound to Lancaster from London. Stranded and lost on King's Scar.
Utility    January 1878    A Schooner wrecked on Pilling Sands. One crewman dead.
Mary McSweeney    31/08/1878    A Brigantine outbound from Belfast for Barrow. Stranded on Walney.
Charles Chaloner    18/09/1878    A Barque inbound to Fleetwood from Quebec. Stranded on Bernard's Wharf in a force 8 NW gale.
Elizabeth Ellen Fisher    04/09/1879    A Schooner stranded on Bernard Wharf.
Thomas Dugdale    16/12/1879    A Steamship caught by the tide and wrecked in the Wyre Channel.
Urania    10/01/1880    A Steamship. Foundered off Barrow.
Bessie Jones    26/02/1880    A Schooner stranded on Salthouse Bank.
Ada    09/11/1880    A Brig on voyage between Dublin and Maryport. Stranded near Cleveleys in a force 7 westerley.
Venus    February 1882    A Swedish Barque foundered off Fleetwood.
Aldegrunde    February 1882    A Norwegian Barque outbound from Liverpool for Nova Scotia. Stranded at Rossall Point.
Brothers    19/07/1882    A Schooner which foundered off Walney following a collision.
Arethusa    21/08/1882    A Barque sailing from Liverpool for Quebec. Foundered off Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Agnes    08/09/1882    A Sloop sailing for Wigtownshire. Stranded on Walney.
Adele Grunde    21/08/1883    A Norwegian Barque sailing for Halifax. Driven onto North Wharf in a force 6 westerley.
Mercury    10/05/1883    A Steamer parted her moorings in a force 6 and stranded at Blackpool.
China    04/09/1883    A Norwegian Barque driven onto Walney in force 9 winds.
Thornton    26/09/1883    A Schooner stranded and lost in the Wyre in force 9 SSW winds.
Mermaid    13/12/1883    Inbound from Quebec, this Barque stranded on Salthouse Bank in a force 9.
Margaret    23/01/1884    A Yawl carrying dynamite to Whitehaven. She struck Piel Pier in a force 9.
Clarence    27/01/1884    A Steamer stranded on Walney in a force 9.
Nereus    28/01/1884    A Barque sailing for Queensland. Lost off Ainsdale.
St. Lawrence    20/03/1884    A Barque inbound for Fleetwood stranded on Shell Wharf.


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Re: Boat History and Lives lost....
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Name    Date    Details
Depositor    26/10/1884    A Fully Rigged Ship sailing between Barrow and South West Pass. Wrecked on Walney in a force 10.
Blackwall    28/10/1884    A Barque inbound from St John's to Fleetwood. Lost 3m NNW Wyre Lightship in a force 6.
Dotterel    October 1885    A Smack lost in Lune Deeps after a collision.
Alice    August 1886    A sailing vessel stranded at Stanner Point.
Yan Yean    December 1886    A Steamer inbound to Fleetwood. Lost on Salthouse Bank in a force 9.
Sir Robert Peel    04/12/1886    A Schooner sailing from Arnside. Lost near Fleetwood in a force 6.
Mexico    09/12/1886    A German Barque wrecked in the Ribble in a storm.
Eliza Fernley    10/12/1886    Southport Lifeboat wrecked while trying to rescue the crew of Mexico. 14 lost.
Laura Janet    10/12/1886    St Annes Lifeboat wrecked while trying to rescue the crew of Mexico. 14 lost.
Swallow    07/01/1887    A Ketch wrecked on Pilling Sands.
Tancook    20/05/1887    A Norwegian Barque lost to the East of the Screw Pile Light.
Flower of May    01/11/1887    A Schooner lost in The Bay after a collision.
Albert William    26/01/1888    A Barque inbound to Fleetwood from Chile. Stranded on Horse Bank in force 10 winds.
Chester    20/03/1889    A Schooner lost in Morecambe Harbour in NNE force 10 winds.
Perpetua    14/08/1889    An Irish Barque stranded in th Lune in a W force 6 wind.
Little Trojan    20/08/1889    A Flat sailing for Piel, lost off Rossall in a NW force 10 wind.
Breeze    09/03/1890    A Smack which broke from her moorings and was lost in Walney Channel in a force 10 N wind.
Spray    06/11/1890    A Dandy stranded on Pilling Sands in SSE force 8 winds.
Labora    07/11/1890    A Norwegian Barque lost E of Wyre Lightship in force 11 NW winds.
New Brunswick    07/11/1890    A Norwegian Barque stranded on Bernard's Wharf in wind conditions NW force 11.
Jean Campbell    07/11/1890    A Brig outbound from Liverpool in force 9 NW winds, wrecked at Norbreck. Three crew lost.
Ebeneezer    07/11/1890    A Schooner sailing for Londonderry Lost in the Ribble Estuary in force 8 NW winds.
Ally Sloper    10/01/1891    A Wherry lost in Ulverston Channel in force 5 Southerly winds.
Hercules    13/06/1891    A Norwegian Barque lost near Glasson.
Gefion    26/08/1891    A Danish Schooner lost on Spencer Bank in a force 10 SW gale.
Superb    14/12/1891    A Ketch driven onto Bernard's Wharf in WNW force 7 winds.
Charlotte Jane    31/12/1891    A Smack lost due to collision.
Sirene    09/10/1892    A Norwegin Barque driven ashore at North Pier in a force 10 WNW storm.
Prince Charlie    18/11/1892    A Smack lost due to collision near Wyre Light.
Oluf Nickelsen    28/05/1892    A Norwegian Barque lost near Preston.
Silentia    29/09/1893    Norwegian Barque. Stranded near Preston.
No Name    25/10/1893    Lost in the Ulverston Channel
Theda    17/11/1893    A Schooner carrying potash, lost on Sunderland Bank
Starlight    08/12/1893    A Schooner inbound for Ulverston. Driven onto Mort Bank in force 9 W winds.
Matchless    03/09/1894    A Smack which foundered in a squall.
Falmouth    December 1894    Wrecked in a storm with all hands, at Rossall Point.
Abana    21/12/1894    A Norwegian Barque lost at Norbreck in a gale.
James & Mary    22/12/1894    A SW force 11 wind drove this Cornish schooner ashore at Birkdale.
Furn    22/12/1894    A Norwegian Barque stranded in force 11 W winds, on Pilling Sands.
Petrel    22/12/1894    A Dandy wrecked at Gynn in force 11 winds.
Mayflower    22/12/1894    A Ketch lost on Shell Wharf in a force 11 storm.
Minny    1895    A Sloop lost near the Bell Buoy
Earling Shalgason    1895    Stranded on Kirk Scar.
Star    22/05/1895    A Yacht sank at her moorings in Walney Channel after a collision.
Svalen    04/06/1895    Wrecked in a storm in the Lune Estuary.
Lettonia    02/10/1895    A Schooner driven onto Horse Bank in a force 9 storm.
Foam    02/10/1895    A Schooner stranded on Bernard's Wharf in force 9 winds.
Erling Skjalgson    02/10/1895    A force 10 NW storm blew this Norwegian Barque onto North Wharf.
Kittiwake    02/10/1895    A Cutter blown onto North Wharf in force 9 winds.
Pearl    02/10/1895    A 68 ton jigger flat lost at Rossall Landmark in force 10 NNW winds.
Volunteer    02/10/1895    A Cutter driven ashore at Central Pier in force 10 winds.
Resolution    02/10/1895    A Smack lost near Fleetwood in force 9 winds.
Edith    02/10/1895    A Smack wrecked in heavy weather off Southport.
Two Sisters    02/10/1895    Smack wrecked in "The Great Storm" off Central Beach.
Sarah    02/10/1895    A Cutter foundered in force 9 winds off Blackpool.
Genesta    02/10/1895    A fishing vessel wrecked at Blackpool.
Mariner    02/10/1895    A Cutter lost off Blackpool in force 10 winds.
Daisy    02/10/1895    A Smack lost with all hands off Blackpool.
School Girl    02/10/1895    A Smack wrecked at Lytham in force 10 winds.
Hamlet    29/06/1896    A Norwegian Brig inbound from Nova Scotia. tranded at Blackpool in light winds.
Ondine    1897    A Smack stranded near the Lower Light.
No.1    24/03/1897    A Bucket Dredge foundered west of Nelson Buoy.
Louise    16/06/1897    A Norwegian Barque lost at Cocker Stone in force 9 winds.
Rachael    16/06/1897    Force 11 winds sank this Smack at her moorings.
Annie    16/06/1897    A Smack lost near Mort Bank in a force 12 storm.
Beatrice    16/06/1897    Smack. Sank at moorings in force 11 winds.
HMS Foudroyant    16/06/1897    A 2nd rate Man o' War sunk at her moorings off Blackpool in a force 8 storm.
Mermaid    16/06/1897    A Yacht which broke her moorings in a force 10 storm.
Svalen    16/06/1897    A Norwegian Barque which broke free from her moorings in a force 9 and grounded on Sunderland Shoulder.
Mary Jane    16/06/1897    Force 10 winds broke this Smack free of her moorings and drove her ashore.
Catherina    16/06/1897    Force 10 winds drove this Smack ashore at Walney.
Unidentified    July 1897    A Salvage Steamer working on the wreck of HMS Foudroyant, wrecked at Blackpool.
Anna    28/07/1897    A Salvage Steamer working on the wreck of HMS Foudroyant, wrecked at Blackpool in force 4 winds.
Aurora    17/08/1897    A Brigantine working on the wreck of HMS Foudroyant, wrecked at Blackpool in force 6 winds.
Innisfail    21/08/1897    A Lugger which foundered near Seldom Seen Buoy, near Walney.
Louisa    Novenber 1897    A Barque which sank in a gale off Fleetwood.
Milo    1898    A Smack which sank at her moorings.
Larnica    22/01/1898    A Fully Rigged Ship wrecked on Pilling Sands in moderate winds.
Blue Bell    30/01/1898    A Schooner inbound for Liverpool and stranded at Cleveleys in a force 7.
Black Duck    02/02/1898    A force 9 storm sank this Smack at her moorings near Morecambe.
Diana    06/04/1898    A Schooner rigged Steam Fishing Liner. Lost in a force 6 near Fleetwood.
Margarethe    11/05/1898    A Russian Barque sailing from Fleetwood and driven onto Bernard's Wharf in a force 9 storm.
Minnie    October 1898    A Ketch lost off Fleetwood after a collision.
Peru    01/07/1899    A Steamship lost near Nelson Buoy in strong winds.
Waterloo    21/09/1899    Unspecified vessel sank at her moorings.
Mable Annie    17/01/1900    A Schooner sailing for Ulverstone and foundered in Piel Channel
Ada    28/12/1900    A Smack foundered in Walney Channel.
Cock of The North    28/12/1900    A Smack lost near Walney in force 9 winds.
Un-Named    07/02/1901    A fishing vessel lost near Shellwharfe Buoy whilst under tow.
Blanche    13/06/1901    This steamship foundered 5m W x N of Nelson Buoy.
Guide    12/08/1901    A Schooner lost in the Ribble Estuary.

Name    Date    Details
Fairy Queen    27/09/1902    A Yacht which sank in Walney Channel after a collision.
Jannett & Jane    18/12/1902    A Schooner stranded at the Lune entrance in a force 10.
Vanadis    22/02/1903    A Russian Barque blown ashore at Half Moon Bay in a force 10 storm.
Devonshire Lass    27/02/1903    A force 9 SSE storm broke this Smack from her moorings and drove her onto Bernard's Wharf.
Midian    09/04/1903    A Ketch blown ashore at Ulverston in a force 6 WNW wind.
Comet    06/07/1903    Force 10 NW winds smashed this Smack against Morecambe Pier.
George Flett    06/07/1903    A Sloop which broke from her moorings, at Piel, in a force 9 wind.
Lightship No.70    16/07/1903    Foundered in Morecambe Bay after a collision.
Liv    16/10/1903    A Norwegian Barque driven onto Pilling Sands in a force 10 wind.
Thedo    November 1903    A wooden Schooner stranded on Sunderland Bank.
Annie    21/11/1903    The Dredger London collided with this Smack and sank her at her moorings.
Maud    21/11/1903    This Smack was sunk after breaking free from her moorings in force 10 winds.
Gladstone    21/11/1903    Another Smack which broke her moorings in force 10 winds and was sunk.
Huntress    09/01/1904    A Brigantine which damaged her rudder and was grounded on Walney in a force 8 storm.
Wren    03/04/1904    A Trawler which broke her moorings in a force 9 and stranded at Lytham.
Secret    30/09/1904    SS City of Manchester collided with the Smack off Fleetwood.
Nellie    18/01/1905    A fishing vessel which foundered off St Anne's in a squall.
Old Hunter    20/02/1906    A Schooner stranded on Shell Wharf.
Klara    08/12/1906    A Norwegian Barque lost offshore from the Mount Hotel at Fleetwood in a force 7.
Hilda    13/08/1909    A Flat stranded near Wyre Light.
Elizabeth Ann    09/01/1910    A Ketch run down by SS Duke of Cornwall at Wyre Light.
Patrica    29/07/1910    A Cutter which foundered 15m W of Nelson Buoy.
Kelburn    27/08/1910    A steel Barque which drove ashore in a gale.
Rosaleen    11/12/1911    Lost off St Anne's
Hebe    11/12/1911    A Steamship stranded on Horse Bank.
Swallow    14/02/1912    A fishing vessel sunk after a collision with SS Turquoise.
Thistle    15/10/1912    A Smack lost in the Ulverston Channel.
Spray    07/11/1912    A Lugger lost in Channel.
Crystal    30/05/1913    A Ketch lost on Horse Bank.
Enterprise    27/06/1913    A Barge lost at thr Ribble Entrance.
Minnie    01/09/1913    A Sloop sunk at her moorings in Fleetwood Harbour after a collision with SS Saltburn.
Vedra    07/12/1914    A Tanker inbound from Texas in a gale. She grounded on Lightning Shoal Knoll and caught fire with the loss of 34 crew.
Sunbeam    16/10/1916    A Trawler which foundered SE of NW Boulder Buoy after a collision with ST Queen Alexandra.
Spray    16/10/1916    A fishing vessel lost on Pilling Sands.
Evangaline    28/12/1916    A Ketch stranded on North Wharf.
Zealandia    02/04/1917    A Steamship stranded on Horse Bank.
Coniston    02/09/1917    A Schooner stranded on Duddon Bar.
Pittan    25/10/1917    A Russian Barquentine grounded on Pilling Sands.
Montreal    29/01/1918    A Steamship which collided with SS Cedric 14m W x S Lune Deeps Buoy.
Limesfield    07/02/1918    A Steamship sunk by UB-57 23m WNW of Walney.
Chrysopolis    14/02/1918    A Steamship stranded at Southport offshore from the pier.
Marie Edmond    07/10/1918    A Smack lost on Walney.
Marguerite    23/01/1919    A Steamship stranded near Wyre Lightship.
Herbert Black    23/06/1919    A Schooner lost in the Ribble Estuary.
Arlette    22/01/1920    A Yawl lost on Walney.
Lyra    1922    A Steamshiip lost between Rossall Point and Lune Deeps.
Western Valley    31/12/1924    A Steamship blown ashore at Heysham.
Glencona    01/03/1926    A Steamship which caught fire off Anglesey and drifted to Rossall before sinking.
Scomber    07/03/1926    A Trawler which sank while fishing 3m W x N Lune Deeps Buoy.
Belfast    10/01/1929    A barge damaged in heavy weather and beached at Southport.
Tresness    22/08/1929    A Brigantine rigged steamship lost off Barrow.
Commandant Bultinct    02/10/1929    A Belgian Trawler wrecked at Rossall Point.
Noel    1930    A Barge swept onto Pilling Sands.
Enterprise II    30/01/1931.    A Tug lost on the Ribble Bar.
Perseverance    22/12/1936    A Steam Tug sunk near the 10th mile marker.
Lough Fisher    26/12/1937    A Steamer which struck bottom 3m NW of Lightning Knoll buoy.
Charles Livingstone    26/11/1939    A Liverpool Pilot Boat lost in the fog. Stranded on Ainsdale Beach.
Bragi    30/10/1940    An Icelandic Trawler lost off Wyre Light.
Stella Marie    July 1941    A Danish MFV lost on King's Scar Bank.
Murielle    28/09/1941    Trawler sunk by mine 9m SW x S of Morecambe Bay Lightship.
Kunishi    1946    A Trawler wrecked on Pilling Sands. Later salvaged.
Anastasi    25/12/1946    A Steamer lost on Walney.
Happy Harry    18/09/1950    Sailing vessel wrecked by Southport Pier.
Saltaro    29/11/1956    Wrecked on Sheep Island.
Conisbro Castle    13/08/1958    Fishing vessel sunk in Lune Deeps.
Druid    22/08/1962    A Coaster, capsized in the Ribble Estuary in heavy weather. She righted herself then foundered.
Hamoaze    March 1967    Fishing vessel under tow to Glasson. Blown onto Knott End Sands and lost.
Ariadne    23/07/1970    A yacht which foundered in heavy weather west of Morecambe Bay light.
Action    16/10/1973    Outbound from Fleetwood to Cork. Grounded on Haverigg Sands after an engine failure.
Corona    09/04/1975    MFV stranded near Fleetwood Dock.


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Re: Boat History and Lives lost....
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2010, 07:13:20 PM »
The detail in factual terms is admirable, but I'd prefer to read a dramatisation of specific instances.

What must it have felt to run aground on Fourdroyant - or Riverdance, come to that ?
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Re: Boat History and Lives lost....
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2010, 11:39:42 AM »
Could not find any to be honest !Quite alarming how many have actually been wrecked over the years.


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Re: Boat History and Lives lost....
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2010, 03:25:03 PM »
In that case probably I should get my imagination to work on creating fictionalised version of one or more of the beachings.

Not the same as an "eye-witness account" I know, but it should exercise some of my grey cells.
Initial poetry collection - After Singapore & other poems (Dial Publications 2003);
In preparation: Second reprint June 2010;
New collection: Illustrated re-print of After Singapore (Autumn 2010)
New collection: HURRY UP, Please - IT'S TIME (Winter 2010/2011).


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Re: Boat History and Lives lost....
« Reply #6 on: May 03, 2010, 09:21:26 PM »
I have the Riverdance breaching on here Christopher with lots of pictures.. ;)