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Trip report 2nd of May 09
« on: May 05, 2010, 08:25:54 PM »
Trip report 2nd of May 09

Louise, Bradley and I decided on yet another visit to the Pleasure Beach as the weather was brilliant in Blackpool today very warm and sunny..
Charlotte had a GFS thing in Blackburn and Chris had some school work to finish off..
We arrived at the Pleasure Beach at around 1pm and made our way through the booking area of which was quite busy but well organised..
As we entered the park we found it to be busy but the ques were not as long as you would expect maybe the queing systems adopted by the park have become more efficient..   
We arrived at the fountain area to enjoy seeing families and groups of people young and old running through or standing near to the fountain and just enjoying it..
It was a great day for it and it really is good money well spent by the park as it looked magnificent in the May sunshine as you will see in my report.. :8

This weekend in Blackpool its the young farmers convention so there are lots of people in town so hopefully the park should do well out of as should the whole of Blackpool  & the piers..

Picture time...

I couldn't help but notice as we arrived this strange cloud over the turnround on the PMBO..
Any cloud experts out there..?

We just had to do the bench photograph..

The Fountains of Fun...

 ::) I think this girl likes it in the fountain...  :P

She's back for more... ;D

We did the River Caves..


We couldn't resist on day like today a cold beer in King Cottons...  ;)


A group of Female pilots gave us all a wave..  ;)

Bradley fancied a dip in the tub at the end of the day..  ::)

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Re: Trip report 2nd of May 09
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2010, 11:31:00 PM »
Awesome, I remember those from a while back. Brilliant stuff and i love the first picture with the feather shaped cloud.