Author Topic: blackpool trip report 5/5/12  (Read 1474 times)

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blackpool trip report 5/5/12
« on: May 07, 2012, 06:49:46 PM »
Well this is going to be my only trip this year so we landed lucky with a lovely sunny day.Not being down on a bank holiday i didnt know if it was going to be busy or not so i parked in my special car park (which will remain nameless!!!) and walked the short distance to the prom.There were a few people about but it wasnt as busy as i first feared so we went straight to the tower to book our tickets for the 7.30 show,there were 3 shows that day but at 12.00 there were only 400 tickets sold for the 4pm and 63 for for the 7.30 showing so we booked and crossed to view the finished prom in all its glory

Tower still getting tlc!!!

Chloe trying to push the wind art!!!!

New trams rattle by (dont you hate it when somebody runs into your photo  !!!!!!)

Love these new enormous see-saws

Promenade tours running (didnt seem very  busy)

Got a very king geordie to take this one of the 4 of us!!

Yep its really looking good

this was very much a birthday treat for my nephew as a small child we brought him down to stay in the Malvia holday flats in Moore St (now sadly no more turned into flats!!) and another time as a bus day trip.Now 18 it was a trip down memory lane although as you will see in report part 2 (pleasure beach)the rides he likes have changed!!!