Author Topic: 30th June Pleasure Beach Trip  (Read 1755 times)

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30th June Pleasure Beach Trip
« on: July 03, 2012, 07:51:25 PM »
So, its that time where i start visiting the pleasure beach and Blackpool more often now im all done with college!
First off for this was a trip down with some family and friends, in total 11 of us!

Prepare yourself for a more in depth report here, since I've broken some toes and im stuck at my computer for a bit, so ive plenty time! :P

We drove down to Blackpool on Friday night and arrived around 10ish, after dropping our stuff where we were staying some of us took a walk down to the tower on the hunt for food... which turned out to be as successful as staying dry on Valhalla. We ended up walking all the way back and having to settle for a Mc D's!

So, Saturday, and time for the pleasure beach! The weather, despite a little bit of rain at one point was a lot better than expected, it was so good im still rather red from catching the sun so much!

So all 11 of us got in through ticket sales pretty quickly without bother and into the park smoothly, with the added bonus of the kids in the group being entertained by Bradley and Bella Beavers and one of the other lady characters while some of the others got through the scanners.

First stop was the Flying machines, and even though she held on for her life my little 5 year old sister loved them! She is getting brave! Next we headed down to inspect the Big one, the minute i saw the queue i knew that it was not worth waiting in and we climbed up and did the Rev, which is looking great! but a bit windier up there since the Barr sign has gone haha

Next was the Big Dipper, the littlest two of the group were keen to ride, unfortunately my sister Abbie couldn't ride as she is still just too small. My 10 year old sister however was totally different and did not want to ride! The offer of a nice £5 note did the trick however :P

Infusion next, and a nice spray in the face from the fountains as me and my dad got the front seat! Enjoying this ride more this year than i did previously! Doesn't seem to affect my neck as much...

Feeding time, and getting a seat by the fountain was not so easy! But eventually i managed to grab a table, right next to the fountain, just in time for a show!

The weather decided to give us a little bit of rain at this point so we headed to the river caves, which kept all the youngest girls amused for a while!  Off to nick land next, and Roller (Yes, i know...) My oldest sister wasnt so keen on the ride but came on anyways, but to the surprise of everyone Abbie, the smallest, was soooooo excited and ran straight on, being only JUST tall enough! She loved the Ride! Also a thanks has to go to the guys on the ride for making it easy for one of our party to get on and off the ride despite not being able to walk too well and letting the group get on together without a fuss since some of us were a little too keen on running into the queue!
Some of us re rode Roller after this while my dad got dragged onto the bikini bottom bus tour with all the girls! Then some went on the splash bash too, which i have still not decided im daft enough to go on yet! While some of the group danced along with some of the nick land characters the rest of us ran off for a ride on the big one, which was great as ever! I wont be getting bored of it if it continues to run like this!

The low point of the day has to be our ride on the Derby Racer, what a rude ride op!! Now i am not one to go against any rules or anything, so its not like we were in the wrong... all that could ride the Derby racer joined the queue, yep, all fine, but with our group including one person who couldn't ride and staying at the side my dad left the queue for a few seconds to leave something with her. Now he re joins the queue as he is riding with my little sister, the couple that were behind us had no problem with this, but the ridiculous ride op comes along and orders my dad to jump the fence and re join the queue!!! JUMP the fence.... and not only that she was so rude and had no form of politeness at all! She sent us all to the back of the queue (only a couple of people behind...) and then once on the ride moves a bag that i had left in a sensible place, as i always do when im on this ride, to ensure no one can trip on it, to a stupid place between two horses where you couldn't get off without falling over it! It was such a shame to have one really rude woman with no need to be like that when we had absolutely no issues with any other staff at the pleasure beach! I certainly hope i don't bump into her again!

We did a few other rides like Alice and the Ghost train, Ice Blast, Avalanche a few times and Blue flier, now, i dont usually do this, but i decided as the last ride i would do valhalla. What a mistake! I tried to give it a chance and it goes horribly wrong! So, our boat got missed out in the emptying with the hoover thingy.. soaked ankles... nice!
So we get to the lift hill, well, no blue screen, but only a tiny loop of the viking skull... like a jumpy cd doing one little line over and over, the next bit seemed alright, the we get to the turn, yep, next problem, the ride shuts down and the maintenance lighting comes on. And then a ride op appears and has to hold the button for us to turn, and after a bit of a delay we go down, aaaaaaaand then the turn that we are on breaks again... eventually we get onto the turntable, and its broken again. The next boat comes down the backwards drop and stops only inches from our boat! then after the ride op holds another button for us to turn we head on to the next drop, which soaks us through yet again! The tidal wave that happens in the bottom of the boat each time is horrendous! now as we go through the rest of the ride there are a large amount of effects not running, or some half arsed working... but on the bright side the vortex completely worked! Still a completely disappointing ride! So out of the park to go and get changed before going for food! Yet another struggle! We were amazed at a half hour wait to get into Pizza Hut! The time just kept increasing so we ditch that plan and head up to grab some food in Yates, which was pretty nice!

I forgot to mention earlier on, but the parks closing time started at 6 and was increased to 7 as was originally posted on the website.

So after food we went and did a few things on the south pier, the slingshot ride was great! we did it twice it was so good! after a few goes on the dodgems and the waltzers it was off for a bit in the arcade before heading back for the night. On Sunday we didnt go back into the pleasure beach but instead headed off to the direction of the tower for a few hours in Coral Island before heading for some lunch, this time a 40 minute wait for Pizza hut, so we put our names down and went for a walk to see the lights around there before heading back. We did try to go up the tower but there was far too much wind for us to go up, but that's something we can do next time!

Ok, i think ive given you all enough to read! I shall post some photos later on :)


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Re: 30th June Pleasure Beach Trip
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2012, 08:20:11 PM »
Nice report Becca.

Valhalla sounds disappointing considering it has had an overhaul. Maybe you were just very unlucky.

I'm hoping to get up to Blackpool before the end of this month as I want to see the lights exhibition in the Grundy Gallery before it finishes.

Proud Salopian (With a part of the heart in Blackpool)


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Re: 30th June Pleasure Beach Trip
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2012, 11:55:51 PM »
Good report as ever Becka.

Valhalla is a bit hit and miss, I had a great (and dry) ride on it last month.