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Alice in Wonderland
« on: October 30, 2012, 09:53:59 PM »
Alice in Wonderland is a great little dark ride "loosely based on" Walt Disney's 1951 cartoon feature of the same name.

This ride has seen itself get a bit of a resurgence recently. What used to be a hidden gem attraction missed by many has been given a more prominent position in the park's advertising, and has even had queues of people wanting to go on it. I think this is due to the new version of Alice in Wonderland released in the Cinemas a few years back. This has led to an increase in Alice stories.

A lot of people will probably be glad this doesn't have much to do with the Tim Burton film (this and the Charlie and the Chocolate factory ride, I'm spotting a pattern here) instead taking inspiration from the 1951 Disney animation, with scenes from that and Alice Through the Looking Glass recreated in a bright a colourful style.

Actually, just calling this ride colourful would be an eat me cake sized Alice understatement. The whole ride is done in bright colours which glow under the UV lights. This accompanied by the eccentric subject matter creates on of the most bizarre rides out there.

The end result is a good ride. I wouldn't say it's one I'd endure a long queue for, especially knowing there are some better dark rides at Blackpool, but if your passing, and the queues aren't that bad it's worth a go.

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