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Famestage Concert at the London Hippodrome 15/08/14
« on: August 19, 2014, 10:45:02 PM »

A Famestage Concert is always a very special event, months of serious hard work by everyone..meticulous planning by Paul Miles CEO of Famestage  and lots of rehearsals by all the artists to bring you a quality show that you will always remember for many years.. :thumbup1:

The concert on Friday was attended by some very special people, those same  people that have supported Famestage all the way, they dont like the lime light so I wont mention their names, but a huge thank you and I hope that those people can see how special these events are.. :thumbup1:

Well the concert was a celebration of our very own Hannah Wildes, she has recently signed one of her songs to Warner Music, this concert was a celebration of her astounding and fully deserved success.. :thumbup1:

Performing with Hannah tonight was...

Jamie Johnson who has had amazing success recently as a finalist on The Voice..

Lisa Kwei and her amazing band..

Victoria Cook

Myah Sky

Zoe Hughes who had flown in from Spain especially to perform..

Jordan Leatherland

Dave Shannon

And the one and only Ricky and the Hats... :tongue_smilie:

The show started with the amazing Lisa Kwei.. :tongue_smilie:

Zoe Hughes was next to perform.. :thumbup1:

Next to take to the stage was Hannah Wildes for the first of her 2 performances.. :thumbup1:

Next up was a band called Ricky and the Hats, I really liked this trio, they really are unique..remember their name as they will be huge..!! :thumbup1: :thumbup1:

Jamie Johnson was next, a very powerful and amazing voice.. :thumbup1:

Next up was Victoria Cook.. :thumbup1:

Myrah Sky was next.. :thumbup1:

Jordan Leatherland was next to perform.. :thumbup1:

Hannah closed the show with her second and final set.. :thumbup1:


Paul Miles CEO Famestage and Hostess with mostess  ended the proceedings.. :tongue_smilie:

A big shout for Alex who had flown into the UK from China to watch the show.. :thumbup:

And finally I had to sneak a picture with Ricky and the this group.. :thumbup1:

Once again on behalf of Famestage, a huge thank you to those who attended the performance, I am pleased that everyone had a superb time..

Until the next time..Thank You.. :thumbup:

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