Author Topic: Battle of the Bands Grand Final Preston 2nd September 2014  (Read 1746 times)

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Battle of the Bands Grand Final Preston 2nd September 2014
« on: September 04, 2014, 09:40:34 PM »
Where's Mavis promotions for what I believe for the last time held this wonderful event in the enchanting  Ship's & Giggles in Preston.. :thumbup1:

As venue's go this was an awesome place, I regret not taking pictures of the outdoor beer garden with its Wimbledon style retracting roof..pretty cool.. :tongue_smilie:

Well only 4 bands made it to the final, Fighting Bears, Bulletproof Rose, Jekyll and Above the Apex.. :thumbup1:

The resident band performed Rotco R opened the show.. :thumbup1:
Full of energy and style, I loved this group.. :thumbup1:

Joel & Charlotte.. :thumbup1:

Bulletproof Rose.. :tongue_smilie:
I really loved this group, a photographers nightmare though with the long hair and headbanging that goes on, but I loved the guitar playing awesome.. :thumbup1:

Fighting Bears.. :tongue_smilie:
A brilliant Metal band, they really thumped out some brilliant tunes.. :thumbup:

Jekyll.. :thumbup1:

The atmosphere inside the pub was quite electric as Jekyll gave what I consider one of their finest performances to date, every song was absolutely nailed, both vocally and instrumentally..Jekyll had really come of age.. :thumbup1:

The final band was a young group named Above the Apex, I will be honest and say that I really loved this group..

They reminded me of Paramore and they really put on a good show..

As we waited for the results, I made an error and to my horror had over exposed some images..I blame all the excitement of the event.. :tongue_smilie:

Moments away from finding out the winner... :tongue_smilie:

And the Winning group is......JEKYLL...!!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:


The place goes crazy, as Jekyll will be awarded with a Professional 5 track EP mixed at Preston's finest Anchor Studio and a photoshoot.. :thumbup:


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