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Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie & Jazz Bar London
« on: December 13, 2015, 08:14:16 PM »

In October I was on a flying visit to London, I have been trying to catch up with my friend Nolan Regent for a while and eat in his magnificent  Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie & Jazz Bar in the Elephant & Castle London.. :tongue_smilie:
Nolan showed me around this amazing venue, and was rightly very proud of his achievements..

Nolan had worked for the famous Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey, so I was looking forward to eating in this magnificent location..

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was incredibly relaxed with musical accompaniment quietly played in the background..

This restaurant is slightly away from the busier city center of London,  so you do get a few celebrities having a quiet drink here..
I cant divulge who was eating here when we visited..but one was an actor out of the inbetweeners and the other was a high profile tennis player, but I cant say who.. :thumbup1:

The 3rd floor was an amazing venue for performing artists..Paloma Faith sometimes drops in, but it hosts regular functions and it has the most incredible atmosphere,Nolan kindly opened this area up to show me.. :thumbup1:


I had for starter...Chicken Livers pan fried served warm with Baby spinach and beetroot salad..

Main Course..Guinea fowl and watercress served with Wild mushrooms and asparagus tucked away with new potatoes in an amazingly creamy sauce..

This dish was magnificent..!


Desert... :tongue_smilie:

Chocolate pudding with fresh cream  :tongue_smilie:

Washed down with a few bottles of wine, and one of Nolan's special cocktails.. :thumbup1:   

Does anybody recognise these chairs..?

They are from Blackpool Tower  :thumbup1:

Charlotte & Louise most certainly enjoyed this amazing restaurant..


I met up with Nolan.. :thumbup1:

Some of the staff..

Nolan's brother.. :thumbup1:

If you are in London or visiting  you must try this place for yourselves..

Thank you for reading...

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