Author Topic: Lytham to Whitby Charity Event 2016  (Read 1574 times)

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Lytham to Whitby Charity Event 2016
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:59:44 PM »
Next Sunday in a little sleepy posh area of the Fylde coast ( Lytham ), it will be woken by the roar of hundreds of motorcycles..!

Last year.. :tongue_smilie:

This really is a very special day and something that if you love riding you will really  enjoy.. :thumbup:

I did it last year on a Honda CBR 125, not the most powerful of machines, but its NOT a race..!

So only having a 125 cc is not a problem, there will be 18 marshals in high visibility jackets, they will ensure that every bike will remain together throughout the ride.
Respect them at all times as they are coordinating this event and ensuring the safety of the riders

I was going to ride this year on my new Honda NC750XA, but due to Family commitments meant that its not possible for me to do it..

But I want people who are considering doing this to prepare properly for it..

Preparation is vital..
Go to bed at reasonable time, it seems obvious but you need to be concentrating the next day for the best part of 12 hours..!
Take lots of little high energy snacks and drinks.. 

Obviously ensure that your Motorcycle is up for it, it sounds obvious, but the basics like tyres, brake fluid etc..
There will be a Honda support vehicle that might be able to pick up any broken motorcycles, and last year it carried a small amount of fuel..   

Fill your petrol tank up before you go..! squeeze as much fuel into your tank as you can, and if you see a petrol station and you get the opportunity to refuel do it..!!

Its Easter Sunday so not as many fuel stations will be open, last year I did plenty of splash and dashes on the way home.. :thumbup1:

Remember its not a race its a charity event, respect your fellow riders.. :thumbup1:

We had a guy last year on a White Trike that wasn't too popular for doing stupid things..I expect him not to be doing it this year.. :w00t:

So enjoy your day, you will make lots and lots friends and talk about your adventures for many months or years..!

A few pictures from last year.. :thumbup:

No greater feeling than making it back, so proud  :thumbup1:


I had to ride with my visor up for the final 100 miles due to fog, so my face was slightly battered... :w00t: this was straight after taking my helmet off... :scared:


Enjoy and ride safely.. :thumbup1:

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