Author Topic: Fleetwood Town Vs Blackpool Fc 23/04/16  (Read 2409 times)

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Fleetwood Town Vs Blackpool Fc 23/04/16
« on: April 23, 2016, 09:56:26 PM »
Who would of thought that Fleetwood and Blackpool would be scrapping for points to stay in Division 1.. :scared:

As it stands its between Blackpool and Fleetwood to see who stays up.. ;)
I am not sure if its testimony to how far Blackpool have fallen or to Fleetwood's amazing climb up the divisions and the obvious investment in the club and its training facilities by its ambitious Chairman.. :thumbup:

I think that its obvious to say that with 2 games left for both teams, and with Fleetwood only needing 4 points with Crewe who are already relegated playing Fleetwood on the last day, they have the better chance of avoiding the drop..But pressure can do strange things to football clubs..

Blackpool realistically need to beat Wigan and Peterborough respectively to stand any chance of survival.

So it was more of party atmosphere today with Fleetwood and Blackpool fans alike enjoying a spectacle of drab and incredibly poor football on an amazing Highbury football pitch in Fleetwood..

I think that its fair to say that neither team deserved to take all 3 points, but Blackpool did score, but was ruled out for offside..!

One of our players that was in an offside position decided to tap in an already goalbound shot, had he of let it roll into the Fleetwood net without his input, Blackpool would of claimed all the points today..
But it wasn't to be, and things happen for a reason.. :thumbup1:

So we met up at a Pub in Fleetwood named Strawberry Gardens, it was heaving and it had a brilliant atmosphere... :tongue_smilie:


Shaun and Ryan..( Ant & Dec )  :thumbup1:

St George... :w00t:

A flare gets things going.. :scared:

As we arrived...


Bradley ( 15 ) was immediately body searched without parental consent, I asked the steward what he was doing..
Another steward searched my bag and told me that I was not allowed to bring sliced mango or pineapple into the ground as it was classed as being food and it was against the rules..
After much discussion permission had be sought from a higher person, and we were allowed to take it inside the ground..
As I walked away he called me a Fucking Prick and I ignored him and carried on walking, but I mention it in my report because its important for Fleetwood Town to be made aware of these situations..
The steward had extensive tattoos on each arm, he had a short back and sides haircut, he also had the number 76 on the back of his yellow tabard.. I know that Andy Pilley  who has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the club wont be happy about this..

The playing surface looked absolute class.. :thumbup1:

Its Peter... :w00t: :tongue:

Teams are out..

And a nice touch by Fleetwood to celebrate St Georges Day.. :thumbup1:

God Save the Queen was also performed.. :thumbup1:

Game on..

So lets  get this right, they search Children without parental consent, they don't allow Mango's or Pineapples..but flares are ok.. ;) 

End of the first half and goalless.. :sneaky2:

Round 2... :tongue_smilie:

Handbags.. :w00t: :wub:

More handbags.. :tongue_smilie:

If it was being played at Blackpool it would be 76,000 #pantsonfire  :tongue_smilie:

End of the game and my football reporting..but I might do one last one next week.. :)

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Re: Fleetwood Town Vs Blackpool Fc 23/04/16
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2016, 11:38:39 AM »
We won't get anything from Fleetwood on Sunday, sadly.