Author Topic: UDO Dirkschneider - The Waterfront Norwich - April 17th 2016  (Read 1143 times)

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ADVISARY - This report contains an image that is unsuitable for children.

It's been a long time since I have been on the site.  Life is hectic as always but I thought I'd make amends by doing a quick report.

UDO Dirkschneider is a German artist who used to sing for a massive German metal band called Accept. When he left (well, fired) he took a load of Accept songs with him and this current tour is his farewell to those songs.

First on stage were Icon, who came from Burnley. They were excellent.

Main support were from Canadian rockers, Anvil. I regard them as a Canadian Spinal Tap but they are very sincere and fun loving, which makes their performances quite intoxicating.

Oh dear!

The main event. UDO!
What a legend...

Maximum effort...

I had an absolute blast at this gig. The Waterfront is a small, intimate venue but can hold quite a few people.
My friend and I stood at the front and I was able to get some good views for some photos.

This particular event wasn't that busy, so there was no crushing in the crowd and very importantly, hardly a wait at the bar! The beer and German metal, went down a treat!