Author Topic: The end of a special era, Blackpool are Relegated  (Read 1932 times)

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The end of a special era, Blackpool are Relegated
« on: May 08, 2016, 04:06:52 PM »
Relegation or Promotion both different emotions and life experiences..

I have followed my home town club all my life, but sneakily liked Liverpool but I have  never been to Anfield  to watch them play and never will.. My club is  and always will be Blackpool FC.. :thumbup1:
I was there with my Dad when we had to re-apply to be allowed back into the football league and was there at Wembley to watch the Victories.. :thumbup1:

I am not going to bash the owners as I will be sued and its money I cant afford to lose..

But please allow me to remind you of what football success meant to this little town, what it did for business and generations of Blackpool supporters..

I know lots of people will be very upset today as we have seen the end of an era for reason's that is only  known to the people running this Football club..
I am certain that it will get much worse before it gets better.. :(
Don't be sad as I am sure change will now happen..

Ian said something amazing a couple of years ago..

I will obviously never forget Wembley 2010 and the Premier amazing time for Blackpool, its fans and for us.. :thumbup:
Those responsible for the decline of this club, look at these happy people, please allow me to remind you of what it meant to them..

Lots of people believed in you and trusted you.. :(

I am relieved that this lady is no longer alive to see what has happened to her club..RIP..X

This just about sums up the feeling people have of a certain person, this sign was attached to a mobility scooter..

A message to that person, just leave and shut the door behind you thank you..

With love  :wub: :wub: :wub: from the People of Blackpool and its many supporters of this amazing club all over the World.. :thumbup1: