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Motorcycle trip 23/05/2016
« on: May 24, 2016, 10:27:44 PM »
I read the night before on the Rev it Facebook motorcycle group page of a little trip from Blackpool to the Yorkshire Dales and back..

170 Miles later and with a huge smile on my face I returned home.. :tongue_smilie: :thumbup:

What an amazing journey..

We all met up at the Barton Grange Garden Centre at 10am.. :tongue_smilie:

Brian, Dani, Chris and Chris and Peter   :w00t:

So we headed towards our first stop at Caton and a cuppa and bacon roll.. :tongue_smilie:

We headed past White Scar caves and Ingleton Falls towards Hawes, but had to stop and take in this amazing view... :wub: :wub: :wub:

So we made it to Hawes..

Who said bikers don't care.. :w00t:

We stumbled across a baby lamb in the road trying to get back to its Mother so we all stopped.. :tongue_smilie:

Dani opened the gate and reunited the lamb with its Mum and we continued with our journey.. :thumbup1:

We headed towards Dunsop Bridge..

Chris needed to re-fuel and the attendant did something crafty with the pump.. :w00t:

We headed towards Jubilee Tower near to Lancaster.. :thumbup1:

Look at these views.. :wub: :wub:


Back home covered in flys, but what an amazing day.. :thumbup:

Thank you for reading...

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