Author Topic: Coldplay A Headful of Dreams World Tour Manchester 2016  (Read 1463 times)

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Coldplay A Headful of Dreams World Tour Manchester 2016
« on: June 06, 2016, 01:04:36 PM »

Over 50,000 fans attended the concert of Coldplay A Headful of Dreams Tour at the Etihad Stadium Manchester..
This was the arranged concert as the Saturday performance had sold out within 90 minutes..!

The show started with an Opera song and then straight into a frenzy of light and sound with the hit Yellow.. :thumbup1:

'A Head Full Of Dreams' tracklist:

'A Head Full Of Dreams'
'Hymn For The Weekend'
'Adventure Of A Lifetime'
'Army Of One'
'Amazing Day'
'Colour Spectrum'

Plus all their other songs from their amazing albums and a wonderful tribute to the late and great David Bowie..Hereo's

The audience had all been given special wristbands that are controlled by the lighting controller, they illuminate at key stages of the songs and fully interactive with the performance..Very impressive to see.. :thumbup1:

It was a pity that I couldn't  use my professional camera inside the stadium, I had to use an automatic pocket camera, but I was able to tweak it and get the most out of it.. :tongue_smilie:


Its quite amazing to see.. :thumbup:

Had to grab a selfie  :w00t:

The stadium from to finish had this quite incredible atmosphere, its very difficult to put into any words or context..

Adventure of a Lifetime with full lighting effects.. :thumbup1: The stadium was bouncing..!!  :love: :love: :love:

An amazing night from one of the best bands around... :thumbup1:

Thank you for reading it..

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