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Rocket Center Open Day Blackburn..
« on: July 30, 2016, 05:37:46 PM »
What an amazing morning with a great bunch of blokes, we visited the Rocket Motorcycle Center in  Blackburn Lancashire..

The Rocket Center sold bikes and clothing of every description, they held an open day today and it was packed..!!

Lots and lots of people buying things it was very impressive.. :thumbup1:

It had everything even live music..


Craig got his butty and brew.. :tongue_smilie:
Shame that he was blocked in and couldn't get his bike out until 45 mins after we left, I told him that he should of parked next to Loz and I  :w00t:


Blood Bikers do so much to help others..RESPECT..!  :thumbup1:

Craig's bike is in the middle of this.. :tongue_smilie: ( Sorry Craig )  :tongue:


You could even test the power of your bike.. :tongue_smilie:

A brief video of a bike being thrashed.. :w00t:

And a Q of riders.. :w00t:

Adam & Jess from McAms  :thumbup1:


15 Time Isle of Man TT Winner Ian Hutchinson was going to be there... :thumbup1:

Ian was also going to do a Photo Booth session with fans, but we got to him before he did.. :w00t: :w00t:

Me with Ian Hutchinson..

Craig.. :thumbup1:


And with Loz..

Nick with Graham..they missed the photo shoot with Ian.. :tongue_smilie:


Hope you enjoyed my little review  :thumbup:

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