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North West Honda Illumination Ride 18/09/2016
« on: September 18, 2016, 11:39:35 PM »
This evening around 700-1000 Motorcyclists braved the weather to ride and raise much needed funds for the North West Blood Bikers... :thumbup:

North West Honda Blackpool also kindly handed over to the North West Blood Bikers a brand new motorcycle for them to use, an amazing  thing to do, a huge welldone to Simon Carter and his superb team at North West Honda.. :thumbup1:

I have taken a lot of images tonight, excuse some of the quality as rain was a factor and I have not got the time to play around with the images as lots of people wanted them out as soon as possible..

I hope you like them, you can share away if you like.. :thumbup1:

We arrived 40 minutes before the advertised time, and to our surprise it was already quite busy.. :w00t:


I said hello to Simon, Jorden and Geoff  :thumbup1:

Shaka was here  too.. :thumbup1:

Blood Bikers.. :thumbup1:

My Son and Daughter in Law Chris ( Chips ) & Kimberly  :wub: :wub:

Louise and I  :w00t:

The amazing new Blood Bike is handed over by North West Honda tonight.. :thumbup1:

And bikes just kept on coming and coming.. :thumbup1: but sadly so did the rain.. :thumbdown:

Unique.. :tongue_smilie:

The official NW Honda photographer was in a very good position..

I did a few crowd shots.. :tongue_smilie:

At last we are released to go, it took a long time to cover any distance due to the large number of the bikes, every credit to North West Honda and the superb organisation, we had been kept back as it was safer to keep the large number of bikes together  :thumbup1:

After making it through difficult traffic and rain we made it to the first scheduled stop in front of Blackpool Tower, we were given permission to safely cross the comedy carpet and park..

Whilst that was a huge honour, I couldn't help but worry about my pride and joy slipping on the wet shiny surface, but it was ok and we were given a warm welcome by the  tourists  who kindly donated towards the Blood Bikers fund.. :thumbup1:   

I met up with my buddy Phil.. :thumbup1:

Reaper,, :thumbup1:

Amazing sight.. :thumbup1:

It was raining quite hard now.. :scared:

Bikes Bikes and more Bikes..!!  :tongue_smilie:

My Bike is very moist... :tongue:


Final stop at the arranged Norbreck Chippy for Chips.. :tongue_smilie:

Deserved  :tongue_smilie:

The owner needed a bigger fryer..nice bloke.. :thumbup1:

A short video of the ending...

A huge thank you to Simon Carter and his Team at North West Honda..
North West Blood Bank and Blackpool Council for allowing us to park in front of Blackpool Tower..maybe as a suggestion we go from there to Whitby next year for the charity run..?

This report has been written quickly due to the amount of requests from the Bikers..
I normally take my time over a few days, but lots of interest with this..

If people want to donate to the North West Blood Bikers they still can, its an amazing thing that these dedicated Bikers do in there own time.. :thumbup1:

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