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Blackpool Supernatural Experience ( Private )21/01/17
« on: January 22, 2017, 08:45:45 PM »
If you are planning a Supernatural Experience or are curious to see or experience something different, then this is for YOU..!  :w00t:

Stephen Mercer is a respected Medium and Author of the Supernatural..

He is in my opinion one of the best around.. :thumbup1:

I approached Stephen way back in September 2016 and asked if he could do a Private Supernatural Experience for me and 19 others from my place of work, as a Team building exercise..
He said yes and I put the feelers out via Social Media to see if there were any takers, naturally these Experiences might need some consideration to some, but if done correctly you wont be taking anything home with you..!

Stephen is a joy to work with, and informed me that the amazing Raikes Hotel Blackpool would be the location of our first outing.. :tongue_smilie:
When he told me that Faith would also be joining him I couldn't believe our luck..
Two respected Mediums.. :thumbup1:

Raikes Hall is one of the finest buildings around and is steeped in history..!

So before we started our Experience I arranged a ' Meet & Greet ' at The Washington Public House..
Stephen the Manager was a credit to the company, he made us all feel very welcome and all the staff and chefs were amazing... :thumbup1:

Lots of pictures in my report, but I make no apologies for posting the lot..!!  :w00t:

A lovely gesture to have tables reserved for us.. :thumbup1:

More people arrived as the evening went on.. :tongue_smilie:

The food was very reasonably priced and awesome... :tongue_smilie:

I went all day eating Salad and Tuna so that I could burst out with this baby... :tongue:

Its called ' The Big Daddy '  :love: :love:

Steve also had one... :w00t: :tongue_smilie: :tongue:


 :love: :love: :love: :love:

 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:  :wub:

Norfs... :thumbup:

Sonya.. :thumbup:

 :tongue_smilie: :tongue_smilie:

Team Group picture number one.. :thumbup1:

And Two... :w00t: :tongue: :tongue:

Ian & Mark.. :thumbup1:

Inside the amazing Raikes Hall, a huge thank you to the Management and all the staff, it was perfect, and look forward to coming back in the future.. :thumbup1:


Stephen Mercer.. :thumbup:

We experienced so much and there was so much activity in and around the Raikes Hall..

But I am NOT going to go into too much detail about it as people who have NOT done an Experience like this are very quick to point and dismiss whatever I type in this report, and its something that you really need to go and do for yourselves..

What I will say is, 20 educated people went last night and experienced things that cant be explained, was it scary..? Hell yes it was, but I felt safe knowing that Stephen and his colleague Faith were in charge and knew what they were doing..!

We did venture outside and other places.. :thumbup1:

Stephen and Faith..

A remarkable building with so many rooms.. :thumbup:

We worked with Crystals.. :thumbup1:

Stephen explained all about EMF Meters that measure energy..

So outside we went in two different Teams..

Did we experience anything..?

Oh we did, and lots of unexplained seriously freaky stuff.. :w00t:


I am not going to spoil it for others by telling all, but we all left there at 3am absolutely 'buzzing' seriously incredible experience..

It is a late finish so be prepared.. :tongue_smilie:

Yes we did the Ouija Board, its safe if supervised by a medium.. :thumbup1:

In fact 12 of the group did and we had 3 boards in different locations with 4 people on each board..
Did we experience anything..?
Yes we did and a lot of it was personal that meant so much to a few individuals,was it accurate..?

Well what I will say is the same name of a Child appeared on two of the boards with exactly the same age, I am not prepared to go into any more detail, but I felt tired and emotional afterwards..
It is safe as long as you close it properly at the end and say thank you and goodbye.. :thumbup1:


If you want to book yourself onto a Supernatural Event with Stephen, do it..!!
Its incredible..

Got home and couldn't so excited.. :rolleyes:

Until next time... :thumbup1:

Thank you to everyone who made this event memorable.. :thumbup1:

Copyright Peter Mowbray Live In Blackpool Ltd/ Stephen Mercer Supernatural Events..