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Title: ECB National Knockout Cup - Some things you may not know
Post by: BelleVueShrew on September 24, 2011, 10:40:30 AM
Here are a few bits of information you may find of interest about crickets equivalent of the F.A. Cup for club sides.

First Final
The first final was contested in 1969 under the guise of the 'DH Robins Cup' Hampsted of Middlesex beat Pocklington Pixies from Yorkshire

Most Wins
Scarborough have won the competition 5 times

Most Finals
5 - Scarborough and Old Hill (who have won 4, losing just the one)

The Bridesmaids
Bath and Ealing have both reached the final 3 times but never won the competition. I wonder what would happen if they met in the final?  :unsure:

More than one win
Shrewsbury became the ninth team to win the trophy more than once. As well as the aforementioned Scarborough and Old Hill, the following sides have all won the competition twice: Wolverhampton; Cheltenham; Kibworth; South Northumberland; Chorley; Teddington.

Blackpool's record
Blackpool recorded their only win in 1990, when it was known as the Cockspur Cup. They also reached the final in 1975, losing to York when it was still known as the DH Robins Cup

Shrewsbury's record
Shrewsbury first reached the final in 1983, beating Hastings and St Leonards Priory in what was then known as the William Younger Cup. In 2009 Shrewsbury reached the semi-final, losing to eventual winners Chester-le-Street. 2011 sees them as the current holders  :thumbup:

Various guises
The competition has had a number of different sponsors and names down the years. Here is the full list:
1969-1975 "DH Robins Cup"
1976-1982 "John Haig Trophy"
1983-1986 "William Younger Cup"
1987-1990 "Cockspur Cup"
1991-1992 "Club Cricket Championship"
1993-1998 "Abbot Ale Cup"
1999-2000 "Club Cricket Championship"
2001-2002 "Club Cricket Championship - sponsored by"
2003-2003 "Club Cricket Championship"
2004-2008 "Cockspur Cup"
2009-2011 "ECB National Club Championship"