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Post by: dav43 on May 29, 2017, 09:51:24 AM
After an epic run in the latter part of the season and a last gasp goal in the semis blackpool made it to the wembley
league two play off final,in a topsy turvy match blackpool succeeded in getting back into league one at the fist time of asking,although the match will be remembered about all the empty seats in the blackpool end,the fans choosing to boycott the match due to the regime who currently own the club the oystons,Blackpool would usually take around 30.000 to wembley but would be lucky if there was 4000 there,i support my local team but as a big fan of blackpool and my dad being a big fan i always look for the results and hope they do well,There is an argument they ought to have put their protests to one side for a day. Yet for those who have vowed never to give another penny to the Oystons, whose stewardship of the club has caused so much anger, purchasing a ticket would have been akin to abandoning their cause. Their relationship with Karl Oyston, the chairman, and his father, Owen, was damaged beyond repair as soon as the pair launched libel cases against dissenting supporters.until the owners sell up and somebody decent comes in to run the club the boycott will go on,nevertheless well done blackpool onwards and upwards  :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: